William Shakespeare remains a mystery for us, despite his worldwide recognition. The low descent and the family without any education as well as lack of proof of his own education are the reason for heated discussion concerning his personality, as he is the person considered the author of the greatest works of English dramaturgy. Shakespeare has proved to be not only a subtle connoisseur of the human soul, but also a person highly knowledgeable of the aristocratic life, while possessing an incredibly extensive vocabulary. Numerous theories attempt to link the author of immortal plays to the members of aristocracy of the time, for whom playwriting was considered unworthy, so such a person could hide himself (or even herself) behind a pseudonym or a personality of an actor of that time.
Speculation over Shakespeare is at the heart of his portrait and a small composition created as a memorial. The portrait draws attention to Shakespeare as a person, with eyes filled with wisdom and irony, with restless movement of thought reflecting on his face. His eyes are searching and probing, he is analyzing the surrounding reality, noting people’s emotions and deeds in order to transfer the experience of hundreds of strangers’ lives into lines of a new play.
The sculptural composition finalizes the image: it distances the viewer from Shakespeare as a person and depicts the playwright as a more typical member of aristocracy, hiding his face behind a quill pen. The figure stands majestically on a pedestal, around which the heroes of his works follow each other, disappearing beneath the theatrical curtain.
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