An allegory of a hero

Perseus is one of the most well-known and well-recognized heroes of the Greek mythology. Complexity of people’s characters and destinies, the depth of the philosophy hidden inside each mythical story have been inspiring artists throughout millennia. In my art myths about gods and heroes hold a special place as they have been a source of my inspiration even since college. Until the present the images of heroes remain the blueprint of physical and spiritual perfection. In the era of searching for new forms, plots, emotions in art, such images serve as the Pole Star guiding us towards the true harmony, never influenced by time and transient fashion.
In this sculpture Perseus is more of an image than a certain personality. This is an allegory of a strong and decisive person, elevated and inspired to a feat. We see Perseus making a step from the edge of a colon. Although he must know that the talaria will carry him in the air, the hero remains a human and unconsciously cannot help expecting the fall. He must venture to make the first step into the abyss.
At the same time the sculpture is full of his personality: the details telling us Perseus’ myth. The shield is covered by reliefs depicting the hero’s feats in chronological order, the sea dragon is engraved on his helmet, and Medusa’s head rests on the shield. Apart from telling the story, these details deepen the impression as if Perseus is more of a monument than a person. An allegory of a hero steps down to the viewer from his pedestal of eternal glory.
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